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Ramanuj Sharma popularly known as Anuj is the cine icon of the regional Chhattisgarhi film industry, and the most popular Chhattisgarhi star actor who has given nearly 40 films during last 20 years.

 “The Maoist may run the jungles of Dantewada, but in Raipur, it is Chattisgarhi film stars who rule” This was a comment in The Sunday Times on 16th May 2012, the person indicated was Anuj. A special report had been published by Times of India , commemorating the 100 years of Indian Cinema titled ”Kings of the Provinces” in which Anuj found place from Chhattisgarhi films along with cine stalwarts like M.G. Ramachandran, N.T. Ramarao and Mohanlal. Film magazine Screen, Hindi News papers Dainik Bhaskar, Hitavada and Navbharat have called him the first Superstar of Chhattisgarhi films.

   The history of Chhattisgarhi films is nearly 5 decades old only. The first Chhattisgarhi film was made in 1965, and the second film in 1971. It was only 30 years later that the current spell of making of Chhattisgarhi films was revived with release of the first film of this phase, Mor Chhaihan Bhuiyan in October 2000 .The main character of the film was Anuj. This film attended the supreme height of popularity and ran for 27 weeks in one of the cinema in Raipur, breaking the records of popular Hindi films like Jai Santoshi Maa and Sholay. This film was released in 4 shows on the first day, but the crowd of viewers compelled the theater to screen in 5 shows from the very next day. The popularity of the film and Anuj was the factor that, this film ran in 5 shows continuously for 109 days .This film was screened in 8 shows a day in 2 theatres continuously for one week. This is perhaps the record which none of the films has broken till date. Another feather in the cap of Anuj is that he is the only actor with 8 films release in a single year in Chhattisgarhi language.

So for Anuj has given 4 Silver Jubilee movies in Chhattisgarhi language which no other male or female artist in this region have given so for. The theatre in Raipur where first Movie of Anuj “Mor Chhaihan Bhuiyan” got released screened only Anuj’s Movie for 9 months. In the year 2009 one of his movies Mayaa ran for 25 weeks celebrating silver jubilee when none of the Hindi movies was a silver jubilee hit.During this 25weeks of the screening of Mayaa about 50 Hindi movies came to cine screens and went back. Special mention needs to be made here is that during a particular period of time,  among all the Chhattisgarhi films screened in 90% localities throughout the state of Chhattisgarh,  were of Anuj. He also has the distinction of the release of 2 of his films simultaneously on two days.

Anuj has also acted in a number of Bhojpuri films and his Chhattisgarhi films have also been dubbed in languages like Sambalpuri, Jharkhandi, Bundelkhandi, Gujarati, and Bhojpuri. The copyright of some of his films have been purchased for remaking them in other languages.

    Born on 15th may 1976 Anuj obtained his school education from small town Bhatapara and post graduated from Raipur. From the age of 10 years he started singing and acting. Since then both of these became his passion. He is basically a Chhattisgarhi folk singer, reputed for singing of all the styles and verities of Chhattisgarhi folk songs. From the beginning till date his stage shows are the most crowded events in Chhattisgarh region.

Anuj has given over 400 stage shows in Maharashtra, Odisha, and Madhya Pradesh and throughout the Chhattisgarh state. Anuj is the most popular actor, singer, composer, stage designer, script writer, director and producer. He has also done mass appeal for campaigning of UNICEF initiatives in Chhattisgarhi,and has also madeseveral ad films including films for tourism promotion of the state. He is also the first Radio Jockey in Chhattisgarhi language in a national F M channel along with being the first compeer in satellite television channel in Chhatisgarhi with over 125 programmes presentations so far. His contributions have been widely acclaimed and has received a number of awards, honors and recognitions including best film actor award for four times.